Meet the Townies (NPCs)

May 28, 2020

The city of Mythrin is filled with bright smiling faces, honest folk just trying to get by, and those who do harm to others to get ahead.

Here is a brief list of the non-player characters who live in Mythrin and bring our adventure to life. 


Journey’s End Tavern & Inn

  • Mikki (he/him) & Abram (he/him): A half-orc couple who run Journey's End. They are guardians of three teens: Jubal, Raphella, and Lev.
  • Yelchin (he/him): A middle-aged drow who runs the bar at Journey's End.
  • Sweet Honey (he/him): Vim's old but well cared-for draft horse.


Coalition Military

  • Captain Joran Myrne (he/him): A temperamental human who leads local military. 
  • Lieutenant Rowan (he/him): The elven second-in-command, and lead criminal investigator
  • Sergeant Landen (he/him): A half-elf recently assigned to Mythrin; our heroes accompanied his platoon on the road.
  • Chakota (he/him): A naive and friendly human military recruit.
  • Jimmel Isaacs (he/him): A former blacksmith who now works as a part of the Coalition Military.
  • Henri (he/him): The long-suffering half-elf administrative assistant at the guard house.
  • General Exline (she/her): A high ranking officer in the Coalition Military who is engaged in warfare far from Mythrin. She has many reporting officers, including Sergeant Landen. 


The Arondale Family

  • Margrex Viktor Arondale (he/him): An elderly human gentleman who is the appointed leader of Mythrin. He is often indisposed by illness. 
  • Jonna Arondale (she/her): A plucky human girl in her late teens. She is the daughter of Viktor Arondale. 
  • Hyatt, Advisor to the Margrex (she/her): An elven spirit shaman. 


 The Temple of Mythrin

  • Meena (she/her): A half-drow acolyte of Pelor, who also spends a lot of time around Journey's End.  


The University & Library

  • Maren (she/they): A proud elven scholar who seems to have put herself in charge of what's left of the University. 
  • Simon (he/him): A young human who runs the local printing press and mail office.
  • Judee (she/her): The elderly (and gossipy) librarian (who may be a little bit in love with Ardyn). 


The Dancing Mannequin Caravan

  • Mother Rose (she/her): A tiefling woman well on in years with teal skin and an easy smile. She is the matriarch of the Dancing Mannequin Caravan.



  • Afsanae (she/her): A woman claims to have an alibi for Donovan's murder charge. 
  • Alice Harper (she/her): A maid who found the scene of the Whitherheight murder. She reported finding lots of blood but no body. 
  • Brennan (she/her): half-orc bruiser running errands related to financial redistribution. Work partners with Yotam.
  • Claire (she/her): The elven proprietor of The Coriander's Kiss. In a relationship with Nikita.
  • Donovan (he/him): A human man who is currently incarcerated for murder.
  • En (she/her): A retired drow monster hunter and old family friend of the Goldenheels.
  • Morris (he/him) & Elaisa (she/her): A human couple that lives on the west side of town with their two kids. Morris is notable for having returned from the forest after disappearing for a long stretch of time.
  • Nikita (she/her): The elven proprietor of the local flower shop and apothecary. In a relationship with Claire.
  • Rhoret (they/them): A red dragonborn financier who aspires to be a playwright. 
  • Rhys (he/him): A human man who was mugged by the Faceless. 
  • Theo (he/him): A half-goliath lumberjack who also works part time at another local establishment.
  • Yotam (he/him): A half-elf minion running errands related to financial redistribution. Work partners with Brennan.
  • Ysidra (she/her): A mercenary working as a personal guard for Captain Myrne.


Deceased Individuals

  • Lyara (she/her): A former acolyte of the temple, and the young woman who was murdered outside the walls of Mythrin. She left behind a lockbox, and a mystery. Her death took place before the start of the adventure.
  • Margrex Whitherheight (he/him): The former Margrex of Mythrin, who was murdered. His death took place before the start of the adventure. 


Player Character Friends & Family

  • Bulvine (he/him): Cyrus's lover, now deceased.
  • Daemyar (he/him): One of Jorell's many, many siblings, an infamous troublemaker.
  • Gaul (he/him): An associate of Vim and a fellow member of the Mother Elephant, who has cashed in one debt to pay another.
  • Jorenn|Speckles (she/her): One of Jorell's triplets; until recently, they were always attached at the hip.
  • Qinran (he/him) & Qirona (she/her): Jorell's eldest siblings, and current heads of the GoldenTrace Trading Company.
  • Suzie Butterbean (she/her): Halfling resident of Bogburg. Cyrus's neighbor and apothecary student.



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