Title Card Gallery

January 15, 2020

The rich cast of characters who populate the City of Mythrin are brought to life by our wonderful artists.

Starting with Episode 9, Nikki has created title cards that illustrate one of our favorite scenes from the episode. You can follow Nikki and her art on Twitter by following the link in the sidebar. 


Episode 9: The Blue Tiefling



Episode 10: Everyone Spills Their Beans



Episode 11: Flexing into the Night



Episode 12: This City Is Ours



Episode 13: Second Breakfast



Episode 14: Fun with Thaumaturgy 



Episode 15: Oyster Spoons & Beaver Forks



Episode 16: Tabling the Murder



Episode 17: Hold Me



Episode 18: Ardyn's Sticky Dream


Episode 19: the Muscles of Mythrin


Episode 20: Masks and Masquerade


Episode 21: Tack and Awful


Episode 22: Step Back, Breathe, Strike!


Ep 23: The Junior Neighborhood Watch


Ep 24: Overnight Eggscapades


Ep 25: “Guilty of Tax Fraud”


Ep 26: Community Theatre


Ep 27: The Curtain Drops


Ep 28: Homecoming


Ep 29: Treat Yo’ Self


Ep 30: Death Pods


Ep 31: Pajama Party


Ep 32: Darkshadow

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